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Both DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and 7-keto zyme are associated with a variety of essential human functions, most notably immune system support and memory enhancement. In the body, DHEA can convert into various metabolites, including 7-keto DHEA and steroid hormones, such as testosterone or the oestrogens (oestrone and oestradiol). 7-keto DHEA, on the other hand, does not convert to active testosterone and/or oestrogen in the body. Nor does it convert back to DHEA. In fact, this improved form of DHEA has no known adverse effects.

Research has shown that 7-keto DHEA increases thermogenic enzyme activity, which is associated with heat generation. An increase in thermogenic activity may enhance the body's basal metabolic rate, helping to promote weight loss without requiring significant alterations to caloric intake or activity levels. Additionally, 7-keto DHEA has been shown to support healthy thyroid function.  The thyroid gland, which plays a permissive role in adaptive heat production, is also intricately involved in maintaining optimal metabolic rate.

7-Keto-Zyme supports healthy thyroid function and enhances metabolism. When used in conjunction with a sensible diet and regular exercise, it  can accelerate the loss of body fat to promote weight loss, while maintaining muscle tissue integrity.

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